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We confidentially and proactively negotiate the sale of privately held companies in the Energy Services & Enthusiast Brands Markets.

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Our proactive & confidential process uncovers motivated buyers.

Our clients will tell you that we are match makers, not salesmen. A business transaction is much more like arranging for a marriage than it is selling a piece of property or a used car. Your success is of utmost important to us. We take the time to understand you, your business, and your goals…while taking a personal stake in your success.

Buying or selling a company is not easy. Because of this, you need a trusted advisor to help bring parties together to help your deal get across the finish line. A successful business transaction requires strategy, guidance, smart leadership, and finding a deal that works for all parties…sellers, buyers, you, and us.

Phase 1 - Getting ready to sell

We review and recast your financial statements to determine your company’s true earning power

Use your recast financial statements, industry trends, and economic factors to determine your asking price and proposed deal terms.

Conduct detailed interview with seller’s team to answer questions in our proprietary Business Questionnaire to gather sufficient details for preparing marketing materials and offering packet

Create an initial list of target buyers from our industry databases, public records, and nationwide network of business professionals

Phase 2 - Confidentially going to market

Execute marketing campaign using direct mail, telephone calls, email, and targeted advertisements.

We interview all candidates to gauge motivation, price expectations, and fit with your opportunity before disclosing any identifiable details of your company.

If the buyer’s profile is a fit for your company, we collect Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality documents before releasing the confidential offering packet.

Manage introductory conference calls between buyers and seller to answer questions about the opportunity

After conference call is completed, we solicit Letters of Intent from interested buyers to outline preliminary price and terms.

Phase 3 - Negotiating & closing the deal

Upon receipt of a Letter of Intent, we help coordinate with your other advisors to negotiate terms and deal timeline

We proactively manage due diligence in a strategic and orderly fashion to ensure your deal stays on track and you release the right information in the right order.

As due diligence progresses, we coordinate with buyer’s and seller’s deal teams to negotiate any final change and keep the deal on track to close.

We act as a buffer to keep your transaction confidential. Confidentiality is important when selling your company. We are the first point of contact for potential buyers. We pre-screen buyers and require them to enter Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements before they learn any identifying data about your business. This helps you minimize the exposure of your private data.

Our proactive search process presents your opportunity to targeted buyers. The best way to find the right buyer for your business is to conduct a proactive search using multiple contact methods. Our unique multi-channel marketing and follow-up management system finds you multiple motivated buyers. We scour industry databases, public records, and our nationwide network of business professionals to assemble a target list of potential buyers.

You save time and money by focusing on your business while we conduct a search. Our multi-step seller screening process eliminates unrealistic and unmotivated sellers. You save time because we weed out the dreamers and you only meet with sellers that fit your criteria.

We help keep the deal moving towards closing. We coordinate with your attorney, accountant, and the buyer’s team to help you negotiate and close a deal that works for you. This keeps the right people involved at the right time while managing your costs.

I’m ready to retire and enjoy the good life. My family members don’t have an interest in buying and running my business. And my employees either can’t afford to pay for it.

I’m burned out and need a change. I’ve been running this company for several years and I’m getting bored with it. It’s still a great company, I just need to do something new.

I’ve grown the company as much as I can. I created this company from scratch and have grown it to a respectable level. It’s time for me to find a buyer with more business experience to come in and take the business to the next level.

I just don’t have the resources to keep growing. I have a great product and have been successful getting distribution on a regional basis. In order to sell our products to big-box retail, we need to triple production.